Watch parties held across South Plains for Omaha game day

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Many Red Raider fans who couldn't score a ticket to Omaha landed a seat in front of a big screen to watch the game play out, along with other fans, all sporting red and black.

It was part of one of the many watch parties that took place across the South Plains on Sunday.

Fans filled up half of Premier Cinemas' largest theater, but their loud support for the Red Raiders made it sound like a full house.

They couldn't make it to Omaha, but they still got a close look on a 30 by 40-foot screen – all for free, and for a specific reason.

"We're owned and operated by Texas Tech Alumni," said Jason Thode, assistant director of Premier Cinemas. "We also like to do it as a service to the community for everyone who can't go see the game."

But Premiere Cinemas wasn't the only business filled with eager fans on game day.

Cardinals has been sold out of their (750) Omaha shirts since last Friday, and on Sunday, fans were waiting in line before they even opened at noon.

"One of us will be helping somebody and they'll be like 'Hold on, I want to catch something in the game'," said Whitney Maestas, manager of Cardinals. "The spirit definitely makes me feel like I want to be more involved. Honestly, I wish I was there."

Maestas is not the only one who felt this way, though.

Tanner Jones, assistant warehouse manager at Red Raider Outfitter, said his coworkers were celebrating every chance they got, and he almost felt like a part of the team. He said their customers feel the same.

"You have kids in here all the way up to the grandparents," Jones said, "and they're all able to buy shirts and match each other. Orientation kids are coming, freshmen are coming and they're really getting it. We've been going through shirts faster than we can pull them out, so I would say business is doing very well because of this."

Premier Cinemas is considering airing the other games Tech will play at Omaha this week. For more information, call (806) 791-7643.

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