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City Crews Hit The Streets To Repair Pot Holes

The rain may not be gone for good, but Wednesday's break gave the city's streets crew a chance to repair a few hundred potholes.

When the weather is wet as it has been, potholes become a problem. That's because moisture creeps into cracks in the road causing soft spots. And as vehicles repeatedly drive over the soft spots, a hole is formed. City crews have been out working on the potholes, but until the weather dries up their work is only temporary. They can't properly fix the potholes until the streets are dry.

Notice Potholes? Call the City
If you see any potholes, let the city know.

"Anytime we have moisture falling we have extra problems with the potholes. Whether it's ice or snow or rain, we have the extra problems. In the last couple of days we've fixed 730 potholes here in town," explains Don Jennings, City Streets Superintendent.

According to the streets department 730 is a relatively low number, they say the city council's approval of more money for seal coating the streets has really helped the pothole situation. In years past the problem was much worse. So the city will continue to monitor the streets and patch the holes for safety, then once this wet weather subsides, they'll complete their patch work.

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