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The Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper: Does It Work?

You would think just by looking at it, the Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper was a badminton racket. It's not. This metal wired zapper is packed with electricity that is supposed to kill flies on contact.

This product costs $10 bucks, but Does It Work? This test took place at the pig farm in Wilson Texas where we were guaranteed many flies were there to zap!

OK, this is how it works. You push two safety buttons on the side until the red light comes on, then you you're ready to start swatting. Here's a fly. The key is to outsmart it. Missed it. Missed it! Missed it! Missed! I know you're there! Missed!

After a few misses, finally we zapped three and killed them on contact.

This product works, but I warn you, be prepared to swat until your arm falls off!

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