Police: Suspect took nude photos of 15-year-old in mall restroom

Amadeo Cruz Torres, 23 (Source: Lubbock County Sheriff's Office)
Amadeo Cruz Torres, 23 (Source: Lubbock County Sheriff's Office)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock man was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child on Wednesday afternoon.

According to an arrest warrant, 23-year-old Amadeo Cruz Torres contacted a 15-year-old girl through Facebook claiming to be a modeling recruiter. Torres first requested that the girl send nude pictures of herself through Facebook and then lured her to the South Plains Mall where she believed she would be meeting with a modeling inspector.

The warrant states that Torres convinced the girl to follow him into a mall restroom where he took nude photos of the girl and sexually assaulted her.

Police say that Torres also contacted a friend of the victim and requested a meeting at the mall. Officers used the friend's phone to confirm a meeting time with Torres.

Upon taking Torres into custody, officers say they found a camera matching the victim's description in Torres' possession.

They say the victim was shown a series of jail booking photos and identified Torres as the person who assaulted her.

Police say cases like these are happening all too often, but Sergeant Jason Lewis says with supervision, it can be prevented.

"Watch out for these things that we are talking about and please, don't take pictures of yourself and please don't talk to people that you don't know," he said. "If you have friends, then you should know them."

Sharron Davis, executive director of Contact Lubbock, said children should follow specific rules when online.

"That means putting the computer in a public place, not a private place like a room," she said. "It means look at what they're looking at online, and know what they're looking at - and it can't just be at home because we have mobile devices. And it's not snooping. It's taking care of your children."

There are apps Davis said can help parents monitor what their children do, and she said they are worth every penny.

"They're getting influence from all these different people," she said, "that we don't know that they don't know that are life-changing for them."

Both Davis and Lewis agree that parents should never let their child meet with a stranger under any circumstance.

"We want you to be a superstar, too, but it's not going to happen in an alleyway," he said, "it's not going to happen in a restroom, it's not going to happen sending naked pictures to your boyfriend. It doesn't happen that way, so stop."

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