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Vein Payment

A student from Lund University in Sweden is about to cash in on an amazing idea that could change the world.      

He's developed a biometric system to pay for products, by scanning the veins in your hand. All you have to do is enter the last four digits of your phone number, then place your hand on a scanner.     The process only takes five seconds to complete.

"The vein pattern in your palm is unique for each individual person and the four last digits in your phone number is because people want a moment to just look at the display and make sure the amount is correct before paying," says Fredrik Leifland, the inventor and founder of Quixter.

Right now, the Quixter biometric device is only used in stores on his college campus. But there are already plans to grow beyond that. Liefland predicts our veins will become a standard method of payment within the next five years.

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