June 22 named Tommy Hancock Day in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Tommy Hancock is known to many as a musician who has influenced the West Texas music scene , and now, he has his very own day dedicated to him.

Mayor Pro Tem Karen Gibson announced Sunday that June 22 is now Tommy Hancock day in Lubbock.

The announcement was made at Alamo Drafthouse, and Hancock himself was there to receive the news as well as watch two screenings of a 64 minute documentary released about his life and accomplishments.

It's titled Tommy Hancock: West Texas Muse, and both shows were sold out.

The producer, Dwight Adair, said the turnout is a testimony to how the South Plains has not forgotten Hancock's contributions.

Adair has studied 85-year-old Hancock's life extensively to make the documentary about him.

Without Hancock opening the Cotton Club in the mid 1960's, Adair said Lubbock would have missed out.

"Literally hundreds of musicians that might not have ever played here," Adair said, "did because Tommy asked them to."

That's part of the reason Hancock received this day in his honor, as well as a star on Lubbock's West Texas Walk of Fame in 2012.

Hancock says that it has always been a treat for Hancock to return to Lubbock because he grew up here.

"Lubbock has improved a lot since I was here," Hancock said. "The trees are bigger, the grass is greener, the buildings are cleaned up. I love being in Lubbock."

However, Hancock's influence extends farther than West Texas as he once traveled the country performing his music.

There is one important quality Adair has learned by studying all of Hancock's life adventures.

"Tommy always evolved throughout his whole life," Adair said. "He never was just the same person."

That is something Adair said remains true to this day.

"He's 85 years old," he said, "and he meditates more than anyone I know."

While Hancock gets to watch his life story from a screen, he said it feels like a holy experience.

However, that is not the most rewarding part for him.

"It's gratifying for people to come and see this," Hancock said, "especially for them to like it."

Copies of Tommy Hancock: West Texas Muse will be available for purchase with extra scenes after July 4th.

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