Lubbock woman mowing lawns for people in need

Frances Arredondo
Frances Arredondo

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - When Frances Arredondo saw a woman's post on Facebook saying she needed help mowing her lawn, she took action.

She posted her number on the page, volunteering to help any veterans or anyone with a disability and mow their lawn for free. She has mowed half a dozen lawns and the calls keep coming.

But for Arredondo, it is a small price to pay for veterans, who gave a lot more than their time.

"Somebody seeked for help, and I just decided to help others," she said. "I mean, what else am I going to do?"

This service project is close to her heart, because she once planned to serve in the military, but her plans changed when she met her husband and had a daughter.

Arredondo has had a selfless heart since age 16, when her foster mother, Rakia Musa, took her in.

"She taught me that you need to help others, and if you see someone in need of help you help them," she said. "If you see someone that doesn't have food, you take them food…things like that. Even to this day, she's the best. I learned from her."

Now, she's spreading that love and setting an example for her 3-year-old daughter, to make sure she is raised in the same light.

"She asked me 'Where we were going?' and I told her we were going to help other people," she said, "that you can't live in this world and be selfish. You have to help other people."

And that is something Arredondo just can't turn down, as she gets more and more calls from people who need her help.

"My whole caller ID is 806, I'm used to it being 956," she said."There's been a lot. I thought, 'Why not?' I'm going to keep going with it and get other volunteers to help out."

The best part to Arredondo is seeing the veterans' reactions once her work is done.

"One of the ladies was all shaky and she was like 'I can't thank you enough'," she said, "and it's nothing really. It's nothing. It's...just grass."

Arredondo plans to make a Facebook page for anyone interested in helping her volunteer, titled Vets Need Love Too. For now, she asks that those wanting to help to call her at (956) 949-0114.

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