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New LP&L billing system promises more transparency

Pictured: Matt Rose, LP&L spokesperson Pictured: Matt Rose, LP&L spokesperson

LP&L is rolling out a new online billing system this week that is over a year in the making.

LP&L spokesperson Matt Rose sat down with KCBD to explain the new system.  

"In September, we started two projects," Rose said. "One was to improve our billing statement that customers get every month, and the second was to implement a completely new website with all sorts of new features that will make their interactions with us far more efficient. Pushing transparency through this bill statement project will hopefully allow our customers to see where their usage comes from, see what their historical usage has been and then, therefore, hopefully be able to take power on their side of the meter to cut down on their usage and to save on their overall bill."

Rose said people will be able to see the last twelve months of their power usage when the system is first unveiled.

"You can look at where you were in the winter time," he said, "you can look at where you were last summer - you can chart your usage, and so you can see if you're in line with where you've always been or if you see that trend going up. Now that we have a total fixed rate, the big emphasis in terms of energy efficiency is going to be on the customer's end, because they're going to have, hopefully, enough information so that they can look at their habits, look at their usage and in the end save money."

Rose said the idea for change came about last year during the community backlash against LP&L over rate increases and improper billing. Customers had questions and wanted to know why their bills were so high. Rose said he believes these changes will answer any questions customers want to know.

"LP&L set a goal, and that goal was to improve transparency and improve our communication with our customers," Rose said. "The two biggest areas that we saw we could do that were the website and the new billing statement, and so we're very excited to offer up those two new products."

Rose said LP&L will still work to improve the new system in order to make it the best possible experience for every customer.

"We're going to continue to reach out to our customers," he said, "reach out to different groups around the community to see what they like and what they don't like in terms of these two new products, and continue to improve it."

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