Firework stand owners excited to be back in business

Pictured: Tami and Kevin Schumacher, owners of Mr. W Firework Stand
Pictured: Tami and Kevin Schumacher, owners of Mr. W Firework Stand

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Kevin and Tami Schumacher got to open their first box of stick rockets to sell in four years on Tuesday morning after firework sales began in Lubbock.

Now, their shelves are stocked full, and will be daily because of Lubbock County's lifted burn ban.

They owe it all to the recent rainfall.

"It's exciting because it's like before, we haven't been able to sell them and now, we've got them," Kevin said. "So if you want them, come out to Mr. W on FM 40. We've got them right here."

Having that first box of rockets in their stands means more money for their family business, which was started by Tami's father.

"Bottle rockets are one of the number one sellers," Kevin said, "and we did struggle without being able to sell them before. But this year, the weather has been great and we're looking forward to everybody being able to buy them and just enjoy themselves this year."

However, just because there's not a ban during the July 4th celebration, does not mean the rockets are not a threat.

"You definitely want adult supervision," Kevin said, "just to make anyone informed that we don't sell to anyone under the age of 16, just for those aspects. It's always good to keep a fire extinguisher or water hose or something like that close by."

With safety in mind, firework sellers like Tami are excited to finally be open.

"I have several kids and they all come out and help us," she said, "and it's a lot of fun that we have together."

Kevin said he could not agree more.

"It's family time," he said. "It's family time for us."

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