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Want To Quit Smoking? NewsChannel 11 Uncovers Two Methods Available In Lubbock

On Thursday the American Cancer Society called on millions of Americans to quit smoking during the Great American Smoke Out. Here in Texas, an estimated 10,000 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year. Of those, more than 9,600 will die. As NewsChannel 11 found out, if you want to stop, there's technology and methods available here in Lubbock to help you kick the habit.

"You've got to take that first step. You've got to say I want to quit smoking and you've already got the mental will power," Certified Hypnotist Tim Castleman taps into that will power to help smokers quit.

"You don't have to take the pills or the patches or the all in one gimmicks, you can really use the power of your mind," he explains. Even the American Cancer Society endorses hypnosis for some people. "Hypnosis is nothing more than the power of suggestion, your imagination and concentration," says Castleman.

A former smoker himself, Tim says Hypnosis helped him successfully stop smoking.

On the Texas Tech campus, experts are using technology to let smokers get a glimpse of the future. It's called April Age Technology and it takes a picture of your face and then digitally enhances the image to show the effects of smoking. "It will show them what they will look like up to the age of 72 in about five-year increments," explains Kerren McDougal from the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control.

Texas Tech is only one of two universities nationwide to have April Age technology. It is available to the public. For information contact Libby Camp at (806) 743-4481.

To book an appointment for Hypnotize Lubbock just call Tim Castleman at (806) 687-1524. Hypnotize Lubbock is offering a free Stop Smoking Hypnosis session in honor of their grand opening.

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