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Dirty Dogs Means Good Business

We've told you the recent wet weather has affected the streets, the farmers and the playa lakes but you might be surprised to know it affects dog groomers too. That's right, after a big storm, four legged clients line up to get cleaned up after frolicking in the rain.

Many furry K9's are regulars at Paws and Claws, but this week they are looking particularly rough. "We had one that came in yesterday that oh my, it'd only been two weeks since he'd been groomed and it looked like it'd been two months. It's pretty bad. They'll let them outside for just a few minutes and some of them will take off to run and play in it," says Paws & Claws Co-owner Sharon Rhea.

Running and playing in a wet wonderland, means tracking mud and stuff into the house, as most of these dogs are inside pets. "With it being this bad we knew for a few days there we were going to really have a lot of cancellations and then everybody re-books so they can get their dogs cleaned up," Rhea says.

At Paws & Claws their clientele base is full every week, but after a bad storm about 20 or more four legged friends try to work their way in for bath. So you could say, for dog groomers, wet weather means big business.

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