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Ki-Corp CFO Tony Renteria resigns, charged with evidence tampering

Pictured: Tony Renteria Pictured: Tony Renteria
Pictured: Dominique Abercrombie Pictured: Dominique Abercrombie

A Lubbock businessman has resigned from his high ranking position after a grand jury indicted him on charges connected to the Erik and Angelina Medina divorce trial.

Ki-corp CFO and Vice President Tony Renteria resigned on Thursday, effective immediately. A grand jury indicted Renteria last week for tampering with a witness. His wife Dominique Abercrombie also faces a charge for tampering and fabricating evidence.

Court records show Renteria and his wife were both subpoenaed to testify at Erik and Angelina Medina's divorce trial.

Last Friday, Tony Renteria and Dominique Abercrombie walked into the Lubbock County Jail to turn themselves in. Both of them had warrants out for their arrest related to the February 2014 divorce trial of Erik and Angelina Medina.

Renteria was subpoenaed to testify at that trial on February 10, 2014. Court documents reported that three days later, Renteria tampered with a witness.

The documents state: "Tony Renteria on or about the 13th day of February did coerce a prospective witness, Dominique Abercrombie, in an official proceeding to withhold any testimony or to absent herself from an official proceeding to which she has been summoned."  

The next day, February 14, 2014, a mistrial was declared in the Medina divorce case.

Court documents report that in early March, Abercrombie tampered with evidence, but do not reference a specific case.

The documents read: "The defendant did then and there, knowing that an investigation was in pending or in progress alters, destroys and conceals anything with intent to impair its verity, legibility or availability as evidence in the investigation."

Renteria has also resigned his position from the UMC board.

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