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New Deal teen seriously injured after driving ATV off cliff at Buffalo Springs Lake

Derick Miller (Photo provided by family) Derick Miller (Photo provided by family)
LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A father and son trip to Buffalo Springs Lake almost turned deadly this weekend when 16-year-old Derick Miller accidentally drove his ATV off the side of a 50-foot cliff.

He blacked out shortly after the accident and when he came to, he wandered back to Campgrounds A; which was directly in front of the cliff. 

He remains in ICU at UMC after suffering several severe injuries. He broke his neck, shoulders, and left wrist. He also suffers from a collapsed lung and a sprained left ankle. 

Doctors told Derick the only reason he is alive is because he was wearing a helmet. 

His father, Scott Miller, is asking Buffalo Springs Lake to consider putting up warning signs to prevent accidents like this one. He scoped out some of the terrain before Derick began to ride, but was not able to reach all 6.5 miles of the trails. He was disgusted to find there are no warning signs along the trail directly by the cliff. 

Buffalo Springs Lake Chief of Police Stewart Naron said he plans to speak with Derick sometime next week, because he believes the signs are a necessity as well. He has seen many similar cases like this at the lake, and warns people to be cautious while on the trails. 

"We need to do something up there, that way we know when people go up there, they can see the sign before they go on the trail because we close the trail at dusk,” Naron said. “We’re looking into that now, but it will be a lot better help to us once I’m able to talk to him and see exactly what took place and what caused him to get that close to the edge.” 

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