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Lubbock residents show support for food trucks

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's all the rage in cities like Austin, New York, Philly and San Francisco. Here in Lubbock though, city ordinances prevent food trucks from setting up in most places.

But food truck fans and owners are on a mission to try to change that.

More than a thousand people gathered in the heat and waited in long lines at the Garden Ridge parking lot on Sunday to sample food and sign a petition for change.

Photojournalist Devin Ward caught up with some venders who were surprised and excited by Sunday's turnout.

Organizers say they only expected a hundred or so people to come out, instead they had at least 1,200 people sign their petition.

They're hoping to take that to city council and change the current ordinances.

And a little food for thought for you - food trucks must have a permit and are inspected by the health department - just like restaurants.

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