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Neugebauer applauds Supreme Court decision

Provided by the office of Randy Neugebauer

Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) today applauded the Supreme Court’s decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby to rebuke President Obama’s overreach and protect religious freedom. Neugebauer released the following statement after the decision:

“I am very glad the Supreme Court once again rebuked President Obama’s overreach and decided to protect religious freedom. Today’s decision is a win for my constituents in West Texas and the American people. The federal government should never force hardworking small business owners to violate their religious beliefs in order to comply with the beliefs of bureaucrats in Washington. Of Obamacare’s many failures and problems, this ongoing attack on religious freedom has been one of the most troubling. Today’s decision should serve as a reminder that Obamacare is deeply flawed, unworkable, and needs to be immediately repealed.” 

Rep. Neugebauer signed an amicus brief to the Court in support of this case. Neugebauer has also cosponsored two bills in Congress to clarify funding for abortion coverage under Obamacareand to allow employers to abstain from providing coverage that goes against their moral or religious beliefs.

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