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Destructive Fire Forces Wolfforth Man to Look at the Bright Side

Brent Sisson explains his Thursday night, "They called and said your house (is on fire) and I said 'Oh whatever' because the family is always pranking on me and I said 'OK, whatever', and they called and said 'No Brent we're serious all upset' and I said 'Oh shoot!" And "Oh shoot" is about the worst thing you'll get Sisson to say about a fire that destroyed his home on County Road 7300 in Wolfforth on Thursday night.

Despite losing all his belongings Brent's attitude couldn't be more light-hearted. He says, "I guess I'll just pull the wheels off and go because that is all I can salvage off this thing right now." and he laughs.

For Brent this is just one more thing in a string of bad luck. Recently divorced and still recovering from a bad motorcylce wreck that broke his collar bone, "busted his melon,"  as he says and bruised his hip, it was no surprise three fire trucks got stuck on his muddy county road. Brent recalls, "By the time I got here, everybody was here. Trucks were stuck in the mud.  They couldn't get to the house."  

The Wolfforth Fire Department finally did get to the house and after fours hours and 15,000 gallons of water, it looked like the fire had been extinguished, and then it started up again at 4:30 a.m. This time, the fire finished what it started.  The insurance adjuster calls the house a total loss. But, there's one ray of sunshine through it all, Brent's 21-month-old son gained something from it all. Brent says, "He loved the fire.  We taught him to say firetruck."

Brent attributes his positive outlook to his family. Right now, he plans on staying with his them until he can build a new home. Wolfforth officials are investigating the fire, but right now, do not know what caused it.

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