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Mammogram fears put to rest by local breast oncologist

Even among women who are insured, the American Cancer Society says about 30% are not going in for that screening. 

 Dr. Candy Arentz, a breast oncologist, says there are many reasons why women put it off, but she has an answer for every excuse, starting with - "I just don't have time."

"Mammograms take about 15 minutes, we actually now offer after-hours mammograms at UMC for those women who can’t make it during the day, so we offer those once a month in the evening. Also, these are trained professionals who treat you with dignity. These women do this every day, so embarrassment just shouldn’t be there. Women, you know, say don't look, and it's not there, but the truth is that it is there, and the earlier we can find it, the easier and better we can treat it.”

And if you don't have insurance, don't let the cost scare you. Dr. Arentz says there are many programs here to help women get the breast screening they need. 

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