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Consider This...Utility Bill finally becoming transparent

When I opened my recent utility bill, I was pleasantly surprised.

Not at the total amount I had to pay but by how I could see exactly how my usage, charges, and fees were actually broken down, in an easy-to-read pie chart. 

What I saw was Lubbock Power and Light charging me for the electricity I use at a certain rate. I also saw plain and simple how the city of Lubbock, not LP&L, is gouging me with fees. Fees that used to be somewhat hidden are now plainly put into perspective by water, garbage, sewer, and a storm water fee. 

Again, fees set by the city, NOT LP&L. And they can be raised any time city council feels the need to put their hands in our pocketbook. My guess is the revenue is used for completely unrelated expenses. They are just easy to hide on your bill and LP&L makes a pretty good fall guy. 

Consider This:

It’s good to see someone finally recognize the value in trying to separate the electric bill from city fees. It puts a better perspective on why my bill is so much higher than it used to be, and how most of the reasons for that are completely out of my control - and 100% in the hands of council people we elect to look out for us.

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'Consider This' is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.

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