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Texas Tech cheerleader caught in crossfire over hunting trips

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Controversy continues to stir around the Texas Tech cheerleader in the crossfire for posting Facebook photos of her hunting trips.

19-year-old Kendall Jones found herself in the middle of an international uproar when she posted pictures of herself posing with dead or tranquilized animals in Africa.

But the angry comments may be spurring on her fame.

In just a few days, her Facebook page has attracted almost 200,000 fans.

Many people from her home town of Cleburne, Texas say they support Kendall’s trip and her actions.

"I don't think anything is wrong with it. Big game hunting is something some people can do.”

“She's a young girl enjoying her life and it's not fair for people to do that to her.”

People here in the Hub City agree.

Nathan Clement says he is surprised at the amount of publicity the story has gained.

“If she did it legally I don't see why there's so much controversy over it," Nathan said.

But Eileen Dee does not support Jones' trip:

"She has every right to travel the world. But to kill those gorgeous, gorgeous animals. I don't care if the money went to a conservation group or not, I don't care."

Jon Tait says he’s been on an African safari and supports Jones’ efforts for wildlife conservation.

"It's one of the greatest adventures of your life and it's probably one of the hardest hunts. It's a challenge being there. Once you bag a trophy you feed the village with the animals."

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