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A Soldier's Father Mourns

"The first things I think about when I think about my son? Wow, there's lots of things," said Roy Velez.

"Freddy was the kind of young man that said, 'Daddy, don't ever put me at the top of the hill, for I'll fall off and I'll disappoint you. Set me at the bottom where I can climb up and I can, I can, continue to grow," he said.

"So we talked and I asked him, 'Son, how are you doing?' He said, 'Ok daddy, I'm just a little tired. Been sleeping three hours, eating good, but I'm ok," said Roy.

"Dogs bark, cats meow, soldiers go to war. Freddy knew that when he signed that line that day that he signed up for the service for the army infantry scout, he knew that day what he was getting into," he said.

"The death notification officer took the phone, was able to relate that information to me, I fell to the ground in disbelief, I probably caused more of a commotion than they did (his other family members) in a public area, but it was my son. I didn't get to hold him, I didn't get to say any words or rejoice, other than he had been killed in action," he said.

"There is such a deep vengeance sir that we want that can't be satisfied by anything on this world. We get angry, we get emotional, but most of all, we're Americans. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, we believe in those values."

"Freddy probably wouldn't want this. Fred probably say 'Don't call me a hero daddy, just call me Fred," he said.

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