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Drivers report two wrecks caused by Lubbock deer invasion

Lubbock residents have reported seeing deer around the city and these sightings have caused trouble for some Lubbock drivers.

Just this week, deer have been the cause of two car accidents within the city.

With these increased sightings, many are questioning what is bringing the deer into Lubbock.

Gail Barnes with the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center says their presence could have something to do with the weather.

“Lubbock is expanding and we’ve been in a drought for 7 years,” Barnes said. “A loss of habitat and diminished food supplies so the wild animals are coming into where there is food and there is water.”

And, despite increase in rainfall, the current food source for the animals has depleted.

Barnes says these animals can be dangerous so if you see one around town, do not approach it.

She says these animals can become violent if scared and the best solution is to call the city at 311 and ask for Animal Services.

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