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Summer bites....are they innocent, or more serious than you think? Local expert explains the difference

Summer is the season for bug bites. So when that bump appears out of nowhere, and you didn't see a bug, how do you know if it's a mosquito bite, or something else? 

"Usually mosquito bites, these typically present like a hive and they're very itchy. But, the key is that they itch more than they hurt. More serious bites can have more of a color change and be associated more likely with pain. If you have a magnifying glass, you might actually be able to see the two little bite marks from a spider bite, vs. the one mark you would have from a mosquito or a fly," says dermatologist and Texas Tech Physician, Michelle Tarbox.

Dr. Tarbox also says that it’s especially important with so many outside activities this weekend. We should use an insect repellent, but only as recommended. 

For small children who can't hold their breath, she suggests using wipes or a lotion rather than the spray. 

She says babies should be covered when outside and you can add some protection by applying insect repellant to their clothes, without putting those chemicals on their skin.

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