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Dead horse remains at intersection, Animal Services trying to help

UPDATE: The dead horse has now been removed from the intersection of Guava Ave. and East 4th St.

George Torres, director of Lubbock Animal Services, was able to locate a front-end loader from the City of Lubbock and removed the animal from the area on Saturday evening.

The dead horse, located on the corner of Guava Avenue and East 4th St., was first spotted on Friday night.

The property owner of the land the horse is on wished to remain anonymous, but said he is very upset with the City of Lubbock for leaving a health hazard like the horse carcass out by an intersection.

He first noticed police cars near that area on Friday night when he went outside around midnight, but he did not notice the horse until this morning when he went to mow his lawn.

He said it is a shame the animal was not taken care of by its owner, and went on to say the horse is just another example of how that area of Lubbock is regarded as dumping grounds for the city.

He lives just 500 feet from where the horse is.

KCBD is still working to learn how the horse got there in the first place, and will update you as we learn more information.

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