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Local expert says golfing could put more strain on your body than you think

We hear a lot about football injuries, so you'd think that golf would be an easier way to get some exercise, without risk of injury. 

But, Dr. Mathew Ferguson, an orthopedic surgeon at Texas Tech, says up to 20% of golfers suffer some injury from the game, from lower back pain, to shoulder, wrist and elbow injuries. And he says a big reason in every case is, people forget to exercise before golf. 

"You're walking the golf course, but really you should be conditioning yourself before you go out and play your round of golf, you should be, you should have very good endurance, doing aerobic activity at the gym, you should be strengthening your muscles, and you should be working on your flexibility, really, flexibility, lumbar spine, low back flexibility, it's all important to prevent yourself from getting hurt when you're playing golf."

Dr. Ferguson adds the right footwear can prevent injury as well. 

He says go for the golf shoes with the shorter cleats, because they allow you to move more, with less strain on the knees.

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