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Former manager raises concerns about Buffalo Springs Lake budget

Pictured: Greg Thorton Pictured: Greg Thorton
LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Tuesday morning, a post was found on the official Facebook and Twitter account of Buffalo Springs Lake, asking the community to help raise $60,000 to buy new vehicles for their police department.

The post caught former General Manager Greg Thorton by surprise.

"When I was a general manager, it cost us $28,000 a year annually to get rid of the old vehicles and bring in the new,” Thorton said. “I noticed that since I left the manager's position that the vehicles hadn't been changed out, and there seems to be a collage of used vehicles, and now there's a complaint where somebody's trying to raise money to get a new vehicle. It just shows that something is wrong."

Thorton left the managerial position in 2007 and said that at the time, Buffalo Springs Lake had $1.6 million. He said that in total, there were seven vehicles and two Polaris Ranger ATVs, and each year he would budget $35,000 to make sure the fleet was maintained and updated.Thorton was one of the first people to leave a comment on the page. Hours later, the Facebook post and fund webpage were deleted.

KCBD contacted a spokesperson for Buffalo Springs Lake for more information on the situation. First, they said that they did not issue the post and were not collecting money. When asked who would have placed the post on the lake's official Facebook page and Twitter account, they told us they were looking into purchasing vehicles, but had no comment when it came to the post.

Thorton said he wants to know – who made the post?

"I don't know. I don't know. I had the same question," he said.

Thorton said that the problem in his eyes is the leadership at the lake.

"It doesn't seem like there's a clear direction,” he said, “and there is lack of management there. I've talked to the manager there. You don't really get good answers."

Another man who experienced that first-hand is lake resident Royce Lewis.

"My wife Linda and I bought property out there five or six years ago,” Lewis said, “and we love the lake. And as I went to the board for simple requests, I found opposition at almost every corner.”

He said he was met with hostility when he wanted to construct a new boat ramp, and he believes changes need to start at the top.

“I think that having a single purpose,” he said, “a single-mindedness for each of the individual board members probably creates impasses that shouldn’t be there. The board ought to be able to think and work together.”

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