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KCBD in Guatemala Part 3: Making service a family tradition

The mission and purpose of the trip to Guatemala is to hand-deliver thousands of shoes that were donated right here on the South Plains to children and families who need them in Guatemala.

Buckner International lives and works in the communities with the biggest need and helps provide services and resources that they desperately need.

But the families and children who received the shoes aren't the only ones walking away with a life-changing experience.

Of the 28 people from the South Plains, nearly half the entire group was made up of children.

Eleven kids ranging in age from 10 to 14 sacrificed their summer vacation to serve families in need.

They say the highlight of the trip was meeting the Guatemalan children and washing their feet before putting on clean socks and brand new shoes.

And while the Americans bonded as a group, the connections they made with the children they were serving were particularly special.

MaryAnn Kring got to take along her two grandchildren, Mason and Kennedy Barrett. 

"My favorite part was putting shoes on the little kids and seeing them run to show all their friends," Kennedy said.

"It's such a joy. It just fulfills your life and I want them to know that same joy," MaryAnn said. "I hope to take all of my grandkids on a mission trip."

The trip was a family affair for many trip-goers.

Stephanie and Matthew Goforth were able to take both of their children, 12-year-old Sophie and 10-year-old Mitchell.

Chris and Erin Wilson took their oldest son Dax, 13, and their daughter Ava, 10, only leaving behind their 7-year-old twins Bo and Beck.

"One of my favorite memories was during over-under when parents were putting down their babies so they could play," Dax said.

Melissa McDougal and her nephew Curtis Moore, 12, plan to go on many other trips together in the future. As do Tracee Spore and her three daughters Garland, 13, Chloe, 12, and Kimber, 10.

Marla Reedy Dabbert says one of the most influential parts of her trip was getting to experience it with her daughter Madeline, 14.

Madeline was the oldest kid on the trip, and she wasn't even sure she would get to go. But after lots of prayer and a bit of help from Buckner International, they made it on the trip and say they are still being impacted by the people they met.

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