Buffalo Springs Lake manager answers funding questions

Picture: Jim Madewell, general manager of Buffalo Springs Lake
Picture: Jim Madewell, general manager of Buffalo Springs Lake

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - There are now answers to the multiple questions raised about Buffalo Springs Lake funding on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, Buffalo Springs Lake official social media accounts posted a link to a fundraiser website, which was asking for donations for new vehicles for their police department.

Hours later, the posts were deleted.

Jim Madewell, the general manager of Buffalo Springs Lake, said they were not trying to solicit money. He said it was all just an innocent mistake.

Madewell said the links were posted by their new public relations employee.

However, when KCBD first reached out to Buffalo Springs about these social media posts, the PR employee said they did not issue the post and were not collecting money.

Then, she told us the lake was looking into purchasing vehicles, but had no comment when it came to the posts.

Madewell said the employee saw the fundraiser account and recognized the founder’s name.

“It was a reserve police officer and so she assumed,” he said, “which is not good, that that was okay to do that.”

Hours after the employee posted it, Madewell said he discovered the mistake.

“After we talked about it I said, ‘No, you need to take that down,’” he said, “because it's not a Lubbock County Water District deal.”

He said the lake has plenty of funding and is just now forming their budget, which will be ready by October.

“If we want to buy new vehicles, we can buy new vehicles,” he said, “and if our department has the need of something significant, they'll come to me. Our police chief wasn't even aware of it. He was kind of like me - he was startled by it too.”

Madewell said the claims made Tuesday about lack of management are false.

He points to the recent fireworks show as proof, where 10,000 people visited, and they only received a handful of complaints.

Madewell also said the lake raised about $30,000 more this July 4th holiday than last year.

“I think you can get out and drive around out here,” he said, “and most of them will say that they've seen improvements overall.”

There are copies of Buffalo Springs' audit and budget that are in public records, and Madewell invites anyone with questions to “come take a look.”

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