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KCBD in Guatemala, Part 5: When the shoe fits

Azian Bermea with his family Azian Bermea with his family
"We knew. You and I both knew that's the one we wanted to put the shoes on."

It didn't take long to find the perfect girl to get the shoes Azian Bermea and I followed from right here at home.

The vibrant, multi-colored shoes were made for a young girl with a personality to match, and none was more perfect than 5-year-old Leslie.

The journey started when the shoes were donated to Buckner International in Lubbock during the Shoes for Orphan Souls shoe drive.

They made their way across hundreds of miles, traveling from the Lubbock airport, to the Houston airport, to Guatemala City before they ended up at the Family Hope Center in San Jose Penula.

That’s where we met Leslie.

"The first time we saw her she was energetic and outgoing and fun. She was the perfect one," Azian said.

Her personality fit the shoes perfectly, and the shoes fit her feet even better. 

And although we expected help her with a need she had, helping Leslie filled a need in Azian as well.

"We left on Father's Day so I didn't get to be with my girls," Azian said, thinking about his wife and two young daughters.

“And when I saw Leslie... she reminded me of Adayn."

Adalyn, his oldest daughter, is 4-years-old and in many ways favored Leslie in her personality and appearance.

He wasn't the only parent to be touched by the special donation though.

Leslie's mother was there to see the shoes that were placed on her daughter’s feet, and even took home her very own pair of shoes.

Azian washed Leslie's feet as she sat next to her mom who had her own feet washed by two Buckner volunteers.

"For me it's a happy thing that they give us shoes. Because there are times when we don't have any," she said. "I want to thank you all so much for caring about us."

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