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Legacy Play Village announces closure for repairs and cleanup

Ronda Pressley Ronda Pressley
Rochelle Scott Rochelle Scott

The caretakers for the Legacy Play Village announced that they will be closing down Monday night so volunteers can make repairs and clean up the twelve year old park. 

"We have some volunteers coming in this Thursday morning to help clean up the grounds, do some modest, low-key maintenance. It’s just that time we were between the period when we did it and we need to do it again," said President of the Friends of the Legacy Play Village Craig Finlayson. "We have a meeting scheduled from a week and a half from now for some of our board members and some other people within the community to discuss some strategies going forward on this place so we could get it back up to a place where the kids can really enjoy this in a safe environment." 

He estimates the park will reopen later this week. 

KCBD crews followed parents around the park on Monday morning. We found empty beer cans, trash, exposed nails and a used male contraceptive.         

"It’s not safe. I want to go to a different park and after what I saw today walking around here, unless something changes I don’t think we’ll come back," said Rochelle Scott. 

Rochelle is the mother of a 2-year-old girl. "It was dirty, it was unsafe, there was rusted nails, dilapidated paint, wood chipping, a beer can, cigarette butts."

"Today I was walking around and I saw a used condom. That really upset me because my granddaughter could pick that up. I saw a bag of cereal, opened, just laying there. She could have eaten that. I don’t know how long that’s been sitting there," said concerned grandparent Ronda Pressley.

Ronda was involved in the original construction of the playground with her children. She says it saddens her to see the playground in this state.

"I think we need to step in as a community and our leadership needs to step in and do something to make it safe for our children and our grandchildren."

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