Illegal dumpers overwhelming volunteers at Lubbock Trails

Illegal dumpers overwhelming volunteers at Lubbock Trails

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Three local men have labored to create their own playground in East Lubbock.

They've constructed their very own bike trails and ramps, by spending countless hours digging with shovels and mixing dirt with playa lake water for over three years.

They call it Lubbock Trails, and they take pride in their work.

"You have to stomp on it, pack it for hours and hours," said Bret Parker, "and then you finally get to ride it and enjoy it. It's just like building a mud-castle or a sandcastle, just a little harder."

Bret Parker, Bryce Gentry and Chris Kavanaugh all work 40-hour weeks and then put another 15 hours into maintaining their trails.

They also clean messes for the property owner, but this task has become overwhelming, because people continue to dump their garbage at the site. The most recent was delivered by a truck this past weekend.

"I was down by my trails. I was digging and I saw a row of three cars coming through. The last car was a truck with a trailer," Kavanaugh said, "and that's typically a sign that people have been dumping."

"On my way out, I noticed how big the pile was. So I confront them about it I say 'Hey, I'm responsible for this land out here, why are you dumping out here?' And he said, 'Well, other people are doing it.' It's still land. This isn't a dump site. The dump is only 15 minutes down the road."

The men see keeping Lubbock Trails clean as a top priority.

"So we'll have more riders come out here and ride with us in the future," Gentry said, "and help us build this place bigger and better."

But as the caretakers of the land, they fear years of dumping have finally caught up to them.

"For us to come out here and spend all the time we spend on our trails and trying to keep this land picked up," Kavanaugh said, "it's just discouraging."

These Lubbock Trails builders have permission from the property owner to use the land because they maintain it. Kavanaugh said they "keep the nonsense away."

Red Bull has even recognized the Lubbock Trails and included it in the Trail to DreamLine 2013.

The men all agree that they would love for the community to come use their trails at 101 66th Street, but need help cleaning it first.

To volunteer, visit their

for more information. They are usually at the trails from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays and get there at 2 p.m. on the weekends.

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