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Consider This...Omni building not worth $1.2 million

I'm going on the record before the decision is made and saying I think the City of Lubbock buying the Omni building downtown is a bad idea. 

It's an eyesore, it's falling apart, it's a safety hazard, and it's blocking traffic all around it. 

Right now, council members are discussing the possible purchase of the building for more than $1.2 million. 

Consider this: 

That is $1.2 million more than taxpayers should have to pay to inherit this major problem in Lubbock. 

The argument is that would give them control over the building. Well, it would also be a waste of money. 

I'll admit they have a problem with a rogue owner that is completely unresponsive, but the solution is not to throw tax money at it. 

There's a reason no private company wants to buy that property. It's a bad deal. But something must be done.

It's unfortunate our city leaders have to spend their time finding a solution, but that's the reality and that's what they are elected to do.

And frankly it has taken way too long. City council needs to find a solution fast, and it should not have a $1.2 million price tag.

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