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Consider This...Battle's actions raise character questions

First let me say I think Texas Tech administrators did the right thing by re-instating Nigel Bethel to the football program.

This comes after he was dismissed for punching Amber Battle, a member of the Lady Raider basketball program, in a game of pick up basketball on campus.

While I do not condone nor is it ever ok for a man to hit a woman, I'll also add after watching the video and hearing the full story I don't think the punishment for Battle was harsh enough.

First, let me say both players were obviously way out of line here. But here's where the rub is for me. The video clearly shows Battle playing a dirty game of basketball, pushing and shoving over the course of the game until finally starting a fight by punching Bethel in the side of the head. And he made a huge mistake by punching back.

But then her version to the police didn't match what the video showed. She told police that she fouled him and then he punched her, not even close to reality. Her story and his action caused him to be kicked off the team, if only for a period, until the truth came out.

Consider this:

Thank goodness for surveillance video, otherwise the truth would have never been told and a great injustice would have gone unchecked, maybe forever.

Battle's actions throughout the entire deal raise serious questions about her character, and even though Tech is re-instating Bethel, I think Battle got off easy cause she is a senior star player for the Lady Raiders.

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