Runners fight through mud in Buffalo Battle Mud Obstacle Run

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A tough crowd gathered early Saturday at Buffalo Springs Lake, some wearing camouflage and others in typical marathon gear, as they participated in the third annual Buffalo Battle Mud Obstacle Run.

About 250 people came out to get active and get a little dirty at the same time.

“Anybody can say they're going to,” participant Joseph Hernandez, “but it takes a lot to get to the starting line and go.”

This is especially true for the over three-mile obstacle run. It’s hard work, said event director Marti Greer, but it’s a lot of fun too.

“They get to play in the water,” Greer said, “they get to run if they're a runner, they get to climb walls if they're a Crossfitter. They get to play in the mud - which for some reason, everybody loves.”

In fact, it’s almost like a boot camp, with volunteers from the Army throughout the course.

“They help us set it up, tear it down, run it the whole way through it,” Greer said, “and encourage people.”

That's's one of Amme Blair's favorite parts about the run.

"It was a great mix of encouragement," Blair said, "and also just, 'Get it done! Go faster, stop slacking.'"

Blair said this is her first year participating. She finished the course in about 43 minutes, a little more decorated than when she started.

"The water was tough," she said, "the mud was stinky and the mountains were pretty treacherous. A lot of people have to pay a lot of money for a mud facial, and I just had to pay the entry fee."

The entry fee was $80, and it all goes to a charitable cause.

"The youth organization that we benefit right now is the Roosevelt Band," Greer said, "because we are a non-profit cooperation. So it's been a really good partnership for us."

However, Blair said that those who benefit most are the runners.

"Every single day you got to get up and say, 'I'm going to do something that scares me today,'" Blair said. "For me, I'm not a swimmer and the water scares me, so today I had to get up and say, 'I'm going to go through that water obstacle.'

The run is taking place again next summer, for anyone who missed it but wants to participate.

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