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HealthWise at 5 From 11.24

  • Electric Bandage

Pressure wounds afflict about a third of spinal cord patients every year, creating difficult to heal sores. But a new bandage that's now in clinical trials could spur healing with electrical current. The University of Alabama at Birmingham is testing an adhesive bandage which conducts electricity from the center of the wound outward. This electrical current actually mimics the natural healing process and accelerates healing. The researchers say the battery-powered bandage will likely cost no more than current dressings when it eventually reaches the market.

  • Germstoppers

With all the talk of a flu shot shortage, some schools are taking flu prevention into their own hands. They're teaching reading, writing and hand washing and this lesson plan was developed by the Centers for Disease Control. So here's what your kids are learning at school so that you, as parents and grandparents can reinforce it at home. Kids are taught now to cover coughs and sneezes using a tissue, or if need be, you can use a sleeve, but never cover with your hands. That's because hand to hand contact is the worst way to spread germs. Of course that's why hand washing is a top priority.

A guide for little ones is to wash with soap and water as long as it takes to sing the happy birthday song, twice. For adults that means about 15 to 20 seconds. One more thing your kids should be learning is to throw away used tissues right away instead of carrying them around for later. The bottom line is doing all we can to stop the flu before it starts especially sine we can't depend on the flu vaccine this year.

  • Toothsome Cranberries

Instead of "gobble, gobbling" cranberries, you might be "gargle, gargling" them one day to fight cavities. Recent studies at the University of Rochester focus on the potential for cranberry compounds to reduce bacteria's ability to stick to the teeth and cause disease. Currently, the research is only in the lab, but if it proves fruitful, mouth rinses or toothpastes could one day include the cranberry compounds.

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