Shallowater still growing after 100 years

Shallowater still growing after 100 years

SHALLOWATER, TX (KCBD) - Shallowater celebrated its 100th birthday last August, and, since it was first established, the city has seen a tremendous amount of growth, especially in the past few years.

Mayor and lifelong Shallowater resident, Robert Olmsted, said that in the past year about 20 new homes have been built within the city and he expects at least 20 more homes to appear within the next year.

"Our growth for what most people desire in a small town is not so overwhelming that you don't still have that close knit feeling. I sat on the city council with guys I went to high school with 30 years ago. Some of my best friends, people that have grown up with my kids, people that I've grown up with their kids," Olmsted said.

Along with growth, the city is also working on becoming self-sufficient on water.

Right now, Shallowater gets about 60 percent of its water from Lubbock.

But, a bond passed in 2010 is funding a project that city leaders hope will reduce the amount of Lubbock's water use to emergency only.

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