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Littlefield's little farmer hoping for big crop

LITTLEFIELD, TX (KCBD) - In the community of Littlefield, most farmers began plowing cotton at a very young age, and, one farmer in particular hasn't even learned how to drive yet, but he's able to tend to his very own cotton farm.

From the planting to the harvest, farming is a labor of love for Britton Pointer who is only 11-years-old.

His daily routine always involves a stop in the field.

"I just come right out here and usually I just go straight to the cotton, and I will check it," Britton said. "I just love looking at it and what it does and how much it can change.”

Cotton is the only way of life for Britton. He comes from a long line of farmers, from his great-grandfather down to his father.

"I have been around it all my life and just seeing them, I was like 'oh yeah! This is what I really want to do,'" Britton said.

Since the moment he was born, Britton's family knew he was special. Tractors always interested him, and before he could even walk, he was out on the farm with his granddad, Kim Kloiber.

Kim says he has watched Britton grow up right alongside the cotton in the field.

Kim says he has made it a point to teach Britton the real reason farming is important.

"He says 'I just want to take care of people,'" Kim said.

Britton is quick to point out that farming is essential for the circle of life.

"We're feeding the world, we're clothing everybody, it's pretty important," Britton said.

Last year, Britton asked his granddad if he could grow some of his own cotton. Kim agreed, knowing Britton was more than capable.

"I have 22 acres," Britton said. "I can run the stripper by myself and I can set a planter by myself, too."

Britton's mom, Erin Pointer, says she has seen firsthand how farming has shaped and molded her son.

"He's so self-disciplined. He gets up in the mornings with his own alarm clock, and he gets out here and I have to beg him in the evenings to come home at night," Erin said.

Instead of being annoyed or put out by his late nights in the field, Erin says she is proud of her son and his maturity.

"He just has a passion for it. It's just where he wants to be. He is just fine here and he loves what he does," Erin said.

Britton's passion is one that he hopes will become his life-long career. He says it's something he could only learn in the field.

"I just like watching the cotton grow. It's really neat watching it grow and what it can do," Britton said.

Britton will be going in the sixth grade this fall, right around the time he will be preparing for his cotton harvest. His parents say he's been able to maintain his grades, all while maintaining his crop.

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