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Waylon Jennings' brother honors late singer with backroom museum

James Jennings James Jennings
LITTLEFIELD, TX (KCBD) - The late country music singer Waylon Jennings was born and raised in Littlefield and residents are always proud to brag about it.

Jennings passed away in 2002, but his legacy lives on in Littlefield thanks to his younger brother.

James Jennings is the owner and operator of Waymore's liquor store, which is located along Waylon Jennings Boulevard.

James says he makes his money selling the liquor, but he honors his brother with a little room in the back of the store.

"Most of what I have here is all family stuff. Stuff my mama had, my nephews, aunts, uncles," James said.

Floor to ceiling and door to door, history is preserved inside the walls in the back room of Waymore's.

James has dedicated the room to Waylon by filling it with items and memorabilia.

"I just needed a place to put it so I built this building and had a lot of fun doing it," James said.

It's hard to find anyone prouder of Waylon than his brother James. His first memories of Waylon were with a guitar.

"He loved that guitar and he loved singing and he loved entertaining," James said.

James and his family watched, almost in awe, as Waylon went from a little boy in Lamb County to one of the most famous country music artists in the world.

"He had to work hard for it. I promise there wasn't nobody with a pocket full of money running around yelling "Waylon, let's go do this.' He had to work his way into everything he got," James said.

Album covers, posters, photographs and hundreds of other items that belonged to Waylon a can be found in the back room at Waymore's. The timeless treasures attract Waylon fans from all around the world.

"I have had people from Russia, New York, Canada, New Zealand, Australia," James said.

James says one of the most memorable visitors came to Littlefield all the way from Japan.

"He flew down here, came in here and looked at all of this, and said, 'Your brother was my idol. I thought the world of him and I just had to come down here to see where he came from,'" James said.

James does not charge anyone to tour the museum. He says the memories displayed on the walls are priceless.

For more information about Waymore's, visit: https://www.facebook.com/waymores.jennings?fref=ts.

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