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South Plains Food Bank needs volunteers for 'Apple Core'


The South Plains Food Bank needs volunteers to help make sure they don't lose apples this season.

The food bank held a community volunteer day last month, and organizers say it was a success. Trees were thinned to make way for the harvest.

Now that harvest time is here, the apples are ripening faster than crews can get to them. The fear is more apples will land on the ground instead of in hands of those that need them.

"The apples have started to ripen a bit early, and so we need help now to start picking our apples," Maxine Asmah said.

Asmah tells KCBD that they've had some groups from Texas Tech and local churches volunteer their time. They've also had workers from the Montford Unit help. But, Asmah says due to staffing issues at the unit, workers cannot come as often.

The Food Bank has seen a 17% increase in the amount of food boxes handed out this year to date. Averaging 1,082 boxes a week, they are in need of a solid harvest from the orchard this season.

If you would like to volunteer, you can sign up online at

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