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Motorcycle club delivers toys for kids at UMC


The Dirty Gringos Motorcycle Club delivered a truck full of toys to University Medical Center on Saturday.

This was the Second Annual Chrome & Crayons Toy Run for the UMC Children's Hospital.

“It started last year, so this is the second one,” UMC Marketing Director Eric Finley said. “Shannon Bryant, actually known as Blind Dog, used to work at UMC several years ago. He called the hospital last year with the idea of doing something for the children's hospital in the summertime.

"We get a lot of benefit, a lot of people come around the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They do toy drives and visit the kids, but usually not a lot in the summer. So Blind Dog had this idea that we should do something in the summertime for the kids, because they need the benefit just like everyone else does.”

Dirty Gringos Member "Moose" says that the toy drive isn't all that they do for the hospital.

"We went up last night, saw the kids and took them toys and supplies," Moose said. "It was really great. It really brightens their day and makes them smile. What we are doing today, collecting all these toys, will be for the patients throughout the year that are rotating in and out. So they will get gifts and everything all through the year from what we do today."

Aime Ramos saw that benefit first hand. She has a young family member in the children's hospital.

"When you're inside the walls of the hospital, all you know are the nurses and the doctors. They are very caring and supportive, but when it's other people outside, I think it means a lot more," Ramos said. "With life and everything, they actually think about the people at the hospital and want to do things, so I think it's pretty special."

Moose says that having people surprised by their work won't keep them from doing it again next year.

"We came up here last night, and a lot of people were walking way around us, but we know what we are here for," he said. "We are just as big and soft-hearted and loveable as anybody. Everybody is really warm, friendly and appreciative of what we are doing. We are planning on carrying on. This is our second annual benefit and we plan on doing this every year. It is about as twice as big as it was last year, and I expect to do nothing but grow and get bigger.”

Finley encourages everyone to do the same.

"We really want the community to feel like this is their hospital, and that they can come up and do whatever they want to do," Finley said. "If they just call somebody, call me or anybody at reception just tell them you have an idea to benefit the children's hospital. We'll get them in touch with the right person. I think this is a good example of that. This group just called on their own and really have built this into a great program."

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