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Febreze Scent Stories: Does It Work?

Take a whiff of this! Febreze's Scent Stories is in the air, and it plays five scents in one disc. This product cost us $30.

Due to the price, it's a no brainer why you all e-mailed NewsChannel 11 asking us to test it out for you. We bought the product at the Target here in Lubbock. Anxiously, we pulled the product out of the box. The Febreze's Scent Stories was rather bulky and looked like a CD player, without the speakers of course.

We discovered it plays scents like a stereo plays CDs. There are five selections with five different smells. Each one will play for 30 minutes before it changes to the next smell.

We put the product together in no time at all. Just plug the adapter in the wall and that's it. We turned it on and immediately smelled fresh scents. A fan from inside blows the fragrances into the air. An intensity button lets you control the intensity of each smell.

After a while, our noses adapted to the smell. We had to bring in a different group of sniffers. Sure enough, they noticed the scent in the room. In fact, they all liked it!

I say the Scent Stories works!

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