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Idalou Police Department recognized for best practices


The Idalou Police Department has been recognized by the Texas Police Chief’s Association for meeting all requirements in their Best Practice Recognition Program.

With only five officers, they are currently the smallest agency in Texas to be recognized in this way.

"This program was created by several chiefs across the State of Texas," Idalou Police Chief Albert Garcia said.

"They got together and decided on several different aspects of what it is going to take for a police department, to not just operate or function properly, but to be able to operate and function at the highest level possible and also be able to provide the best professional means for their community.

"The association came up with 169 of the best practice solutions. This consisted of things from officer conduct to response to things like active shooter calls, how to properly manage evidence and how to properly dispose of evidence. Every aspect that a police department has to go through in order for it to be the best that it can be, the association added into their recognition program."

Garcia believes that the professionalism of the department got them a request from the Lubbock District Attorney’s Office to assist with the effort to stop the sale and distribution of synthetic marijuana.

"I loaned them one of my officers," he said. "He was very successful in going in and making several buys from different shops in the Lubbock area and was instrumental in shutting some of those facilities down."

"I think that the district attorney’s office sees the professional conduct that the officers perform in not just the ways that we respond to calls, but in the way that we report those particular calls to the district attorney’s office," he said. "I think that when they see that professional conduct, then it’s easier for them to reach out to us and ask for assistance when needed."

Garcia hopes that their success leads to other agencies being recognized as well.

"We are hoping that that will be an incentive for other agencies out there," he said. "If a small agency like the Idalou Police Department can do this, larger agencies can do this as well."

He adds that it’s not all about the recognition.

"It’s not just wanting to be able to provide a professional police department, it’s more about being able to provide the best service that we can to our community and for those that travel through our community."

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