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Consider This...Bond election should reflect individual projects

I want to thank the volunteers in our community who spent months thoroughly researching the biggest needs in Lubbock and presented a detailed, thought out plan to City Council for consideration.

The $200 million package includes everything from emergency sirens to street improvements.

It’s no secret that I am in favor of sirens. I also think a new police department facility is overdue.

The plan going forward is for City Council to consider approving the money for the police department and bringing the balance of the projects to a public vote.

Consider this:

I am all for the voters having the final say in theses bond proposals, but how the projects are laid out on the ballet is equally as critical.

I would ask that when and if an election is called, that voters be allowed to vote on each specific item separately, not a straight yes or no vote on more than $100 million worth of various projects.

There are needs and there are wants included here, and the needs frankly are too important to fall victim to some of the wants in an all or nothing vote.

Let the voters decide how their tax dollars are spent.

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