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Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Promotes New Book

The women who shaped our country are the focus of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's new book "American Heroines". Senator Hutchison shares the vision and insight of the women who were the first in their respective fields. It is the women she encountered while traveling through the Middle East that inspired her to write the book.

"Seeing what societies are like when the women have no education and no opportunity, I just said America is the best place in the world to be a woman," says Senator Hutchison.

In her book, Senator Hutchison shares the stories of American women who were determined to succeed no matter what the cost.

"Every woman in my book failed, but it was because they learned from the experience and made themselves better they were able to achieve just incredible things for our country and for themselves," says Senator Hutchison.

The book highlights a variety of women from Tejano singer Selena to Madeline Albright. Senator Hutchison says that though each woman is uniquely different they all share the same common theme of perseverance, a trait that obviously fans at Wal-Mart have. Hundreds of book lovers stood in line to have their copy of "American Heroines" signed by Senator Hutchison. Beverly Droemer, the first to have her book signed, said the wait was all worth it.

"Kay Bailey's my hero," says Droemer.

Even though Don Hill says he is planning to surprise his wife with the book, he'll take the time to read it as well.

"I'm sort of a history buff. I sort of glanced through it a minute ago. It looked interesting," says Hill.

If you take an even closer look at "American Heroines", Senator Hutchison also includes tips for success from contemporary women like Condoleeza Rice. Hutchison says that her own personal advice to young people is to learn from their life experiences.

"I think that's what ends up making people successful or not is if they learn from their experiences and make themselves better and they keep on going," says Hutchison.

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