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New season brings new NCAA concussion rules for TTU football


College athletes and coaches have been eager to get back on the field after months off season, and today they finally got to strap on a helmet.

Camp started Monday for Red Raider football and this season they will play under some new NCAA rules.

The NCAA is attempting to tackle the issue of concussions among college athletes after a $70 million settlement.

According to the NCAA website, $5 million of that will go to research brain injuries, something Grant Stovall, Athletic Director over Sports Medicine at Tech, says contributes to the overall evolution of safety in college sports.

"The more that we know about injuries, specifically concussions, the more we can do to make the game safer," Stovall says.

"A concussion is a functional injury, it's not a structure injury," Stovall says. "Which means it affects the function of the brain. Headaches, memory loss, confusion, fogginess, so we know to look for those signs now."

But these concerns aren't just at the college level.

Ronnie Kirk is the head trainer at LISD. He says the NCAA rules are trickling down to younger generations.

"The game today is a lot safer than it has ever been because of the equipment we have and our coaching techniques have improved. They're aware of it and we teach them every day."

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