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Shoppers and Retailers Survive Holiday Weekend

Your cash is disappearing more quickly than you can make it, and the change you get back will only keep your pockets warm for a short time. It's a scene that employees at the South Plains Mall enjoy, but they're quickly discovering that their feet can only take so much.

"They'll hurt after a while after standing," says Coe Passmore, employee at Peppernine's.

"I'm kind of losing my voice with all the talking with all the customers," says Adam Cuvarrubio, employee at Sports Collectibles.

Georgia Crume at Crystal Palace says she's not complaining with profits estimated at $6,000 for the past two days.

"Oh gosh, that's way over normal, so we're doing probably three or four times over normal," says Crume.

On a regular day, Amit Ekstein says his booth sells around 50 to 60 boomerang planes.

"The day after Thanksgiving I sold 200. (Saturday), I sold 150," says Ekstein.

With sales this good, you would think that there would be hardly room to breathe, but shoppers say this wasn't the case at all.

"It wasn't so bad. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be," says Eva Rudisill, holiday shopper.

"(Sunday), I think it's a little less crowded," says Fara Pace, another holiday shopper.

If you've been shopping out at the South Plains Mall for the past three days, you know that there is one line that never seems to disappear, and if you have kids, there's no way you can avoid it.

"I'm going to meet Santa," says Courtney Mims.

"I have too many things that I want," says Callie Mims.

So, whether it was standing in line to see Santa or standing in line to be Santa, the lines at South Plains Mall this holiday weekend were a win for shoppers and retailers alike.

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