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Officials say there is now an option for frozen plasma for those in the military

The Army Blood Program and Institute of Surgical Research are now expanding a plan that will likely save a lot of soldiers in the field, thanks to a unique international partnership with the French government. 

The French are working with the FDA to make this precious powder available in high risk missions. 

"This is human plasma that has had all the water sucked out in the freeze drying process. They can put it in their backpack and carry it with them and be able to deliver that life-saving care far from a hospital. Otherwise, they'd have to wait, and if that wait is hours to a day, that could be too long,” says Lt. Col. Andrew Cap, the Chief of Coagulation and Blood Research.

All you do is add water and swirl for three minutes. Then it's a blood product ready for transfusion, containing proteins which make the blood clot, and stop the bleeding. 

Soon, American plasma, collected at U.S. military blood donor centers, will be shipped to France where it will be freeze dried and then shipped back to America for use in high risk operations…since at this point, the product is only French approved.

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