Lubbock parents save big on Tax Free Weekend

Lubbock parents save big on Tax Free Weekend

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's back-to-school time and for many families across the South Plains, that means shopping.

This weekend was the prime weekend to do it because Sunday was the last chance for shoppers to take advantage of this year's 16th annual Tax Free Weekend.

Families with kids in grades Pre-K through 12 were crossing items off their back to school lists while saving 8 percent.

This may not sound like much, one local mom assures us the savings add up.

Back to school is not just a time for Suzie Wright's three kids, but for herself too. She is a special education teacher at Rush Elementary, so fighting the crowds during this tax free weekend was well worth it to her.

"It's just a little bit more savings, so we can stretch the dollar just a little more," Wright said. "It could be quite substantial with shoes and the bigger ticket items."

As a teacher, she knows how pricey school supplies can be.

"It all adds up," she said, "really, really quickly."

Each year, she sees parents struggling with the costs.

"A lot of times they wouldn't be able to get the stuff the kids actually want," she said. "If they couldn't have just that much extra savings. Having to wear the same clothes as last year isn't always that fun for some kids that just can't afford it."

For moms like Wright, the savings were substantial.

"For large families, it can get up to $100 easily," said Dee Dee Davis, general manager of the Target on Marsha Sharp Freeway. "It's actually been comparable to last year, so not a lot of increase as far as quantity of guests, but definitely a lot of people buying more. So that was a good thing."

Most retail stores in Lubbock extended their hours this weekend for the occasion.

The South Plains Mall closed at 7 p.m. Sunday instead of the usual 6 p.m. closing time.

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