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City Council to consider new contract for cemetery maintenance


The Lubbock City Council will consider a resolution to allow the mayor to implement a contract for landscape maintenance at the City of Lubbock Cemetery on Thursday.

"Right after we had that five-inch rain in the spring, early summer, the contractors just couldn't keep up, so they quit," Cemetery Manager Bridget Faulkenberry said. "That left us for about three weeks without anybody doing any mowing, weed-eating or anything, and it got to be looking pretty bad. Then we bid an emergency 10-cycle contract, and they started, caught up and now the grounds are looking really nice."

The same company used for the emergency contract, Ground Effects of Lubbock, has proposed the lowest bid of $112,850 for the contract. The contract is for one year of maintenance of the cemetery.

"It will include 25 cycles of mowing, string-trimming and edging of our 160 acres," Faulkenberry said. "It will be renewable each year for five years."

The council does have the option to accept a different form of the contract that will cost $97,375. However, each cycle will only include mowing and maintenance with string trimming of half of the cemetery. The other half will would be trimmed the next cycle.

Faulkenberry says the cemetery has city employees who take care of the day-to-day cleanup of the cemetery grounds, but as long as she has worked there the city always contracted out the landscape maintenance.

"We take bids and go through the formal bidding process with the purchasing department, and then we choose the lowest bid or the person that can do the best job," she said. "Then it goes to the city council for approval."

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