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Robin Williams' death sparks nationwide discussion about mental health


Robin Williams' death has sparked discussion about mental health issues and substance abuse.

It can be difficult to know the turmoil going on inside someone...but there are warning signs.

They include:

  • giving away valued possessions...
  • withdrawing from friends and family...
  • a pattern of substance abuse...
  • and sudden calmness, especially for someone who's attempted suicide in the past.

Laura Mayer, the program director for Crisis Link says, "The most concerning is dramatic behavior changes. If they are normally a social person and they stop being social, they start to give away things that are important, they withdraw, angry outbursts, frequent sadness. But what you're looking for is the change in what their normal behavior would be."

Family doctors here in Lubbock have information on other suicide prevention resources and community programs.

If you need help, you can start with Contact Lubbock, The local hotline is (806) 765-8393.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-TALK.

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