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Lice: what one local expert says you need to know about the bug

Most people know that lice are ugly little bugs that crawl on the scalp and feed on the hair shaft. Beyond that, the CDC says most people don't know this, that lice have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your school or house.  

Anybody can get lice, although it's most common in school aged kids who share brushes and hats.  

So, if lice are holding onto someone in your family, here’s some advice from Dr. Ron Cook, a Texas Tech Physician. 
"You can get something at the drugstore, but the prescription strength is much stronger, it's a lotion that you put into the scalp, so massage it in, get it all the way down to the scalp, in the hair, leave it on for eight hours, typically overnight, and then wash it off. Do not use conditioner before you wash your hair, and you need to clean all the linens as well."

Dr. Cook adds, that instead of trying to wash a ball cap or helmet, you can seal it tightly in something for two weeks, to be sure all the lice are dead.

The eggs are called nits, and since you use a special comb to pick out the nits, which is very tedious, Dr. Cook says that's where we get the phrase nit-picky, to describe someone picking at tiny little faults.

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